Meindert Bylsma:                      It grom spat alle kanten út
                                               It spul troch it gat sjen
                                                   Fuortsmytballade yn es
                                       Hotputs en oare kremearkes
Jelle Bangma:                                    Bretaalwei De Brand
                                                      Keatse foar de krânse
Willem Abma:                                 In nacht yn de Andes                                                                          Moeting
                                                                  De mafiaman
Margryt Poortstra:                                In soarte fan swijen
De Loads
Teije Brattinga                                             Kleinkinderen
Doede Bleeker :                                     Mengde gefoelens
Piter Terpstra:                                               In flechteling
Alpita de Jong:                                      Under de Minsken
Ferskaad oan Dichters                    Do blieuwst wol Do wol
Willem Schoortra 
                          Berjochten út Babel Swarte Ingel


Frysk en Frij
Book covers I have made for several Friesian writers and editors. A book is a spatial thing. You can grip it, to see, to smell and to feel it before you even read any sentence or title. This first familiarisation with a book must awake the hungry desire to catch and to keep your book for reading.
In fact as a designer of a book you belongs to that select few that may read the first results of long-term writing process. So reading is the issue.
Most covers I designed for Friesian authors and publishers. Frysk is small European language spoken in the Dutch province Fryslân. A couple of years ago it has been recognized as one of the two official Dutch languages. This great language has been producing literature by stubborn Friesian poets, authors and publishers for already several decades. A harsh job if you consider that a lot of native speakers cann't read their language because of a traditional lack of an exclusive Friesian writing press. In my opinion a necessary basic condition to preserve this living language in combination with other media.

Some how the Friesian politicians are more conveniant with financing soap series instead of an independant Frisian writing press. As an artist I tried to contribute my tiny part for the language I've learnt to speak, read and modestly write by means of being an illustrator for the only Frisian Press that had ever excisted: Frysk en Frij. I still miss the spirit of that independant Frisian magazine.




Willem Mook's Boekomslagen-Bookcovers