The illustrations are made in the last couple of years for Frysk en Frij, Friese Pers and IJsselmond Management. The illustrations around this text are from the soap-story Rattenkruid, written by Robert van de Woestijne. Within the page of the last images you can read the story in Dutch by clicking the gray button.
  • De Portrettengallerij
  • These Illustrations are made for the Voordraai of the Friese Pers



Just like making book covers one of my favoured occupations is illustrating. As one of the first readers you can make the early products of a writer, working in all loneliness, a bit tangible in an illustration. The old description of an illustration near a text, smells like a form of decorating in order to please the honourable reader for a silent breath at pine sight, is pure nonsense to me. In my opinion an illustration must keep the readers attention in a way he won't stop reading. Many illustrations I've made for the short tales in the former Friesian magazine Frysk and Frij and short tales and stories in cooperation with writer - journalist Robert van de Woestijne in the Voordraai of the Friesian Press are made for that manner.


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