In my career as a painter I paid a lot of attention to nudes. I like the differences of the individual grace, vitality and honesty expressed in the human body. In my opinion this matter is often underestimated or denied by ambivalent standards of social norms and values. In contrast with that, the nude must be considered as an individual attempt to conceive a true portrait of the human body; an artistic and monumental contribution to human life and even to human culture. Within this vision I try to find my way out as an artist. In the beginning exclusively working after nature, now my nudes are set in a more and more abstract cadre.
Another reality based on the awareness of the image of a painting is far more important. The material of a painting, its color, structure, texture rhythm and composition creates its own rules to it. This reality doesn't give a mirror like copy of a world outside of a painting, but can possibly express something about the outside world.
Principally a painting is a concrete object that appeals and expresses its own world. Hopefully a new sensed world of space to explore as well for the painter as the spectator. Imaging that world with the means of paint mutually should be the goal of painting and art.